Star Wars Death Star (75159)


Their were a lot of speculation about a new Star Wars Death Star in the last months.

This has been proven incorrect and the “New Death Star” is instead almost identical to the previous 10188 Death Star, which was retired earlier this year. For collectors, this is a huge disappointment which is understandable, as there is plenty of room for improvement and this has not been exploited to the fullest.

What has changed?

Star Wars Death Star (75159) contains 4016pcs 


  • The Imperial conference chamber now has black light fittings on the walls.
  • The dial which controls the elevation of the superlaser dish is a little taller which makes it easier to access but spoils the appearance of the model to some extent.
  • The superlaser itself has also been adjusted in order to strengthen the central laser.
  • The turbolaser underneath now includes spring-loaded shooters rather than the rubber missile launcher used on 10188 Death Star.
  • The design of the Dianoga’s legs has been altered. They are now formed using horn elements in reddish brown.
  • Curved corner bricks were used for the base of the tractor beam terminal and these have been replaced by angled bricks on the new model.
  • Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced has been updated quite significantly with more black pieces on the wings and some dark bluish grey slopes which have supplanted the light bluish grey parts from the 2008 design.


It is still a must buy for Star Wars lovers, especially for the ones, who have missed out the opportunity to buy the previous model.

Have a look yourself and do your own judgment.

We sell it from October 2016 for 2600AED !

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